he NEVER let balls drop in front of him for hits

Burke wasn't exactly Willy Mays in center, but he NEVER let balls drop in front of him for hits.But Roy ignored all that and got Vizquel to GO to Lance.Phil brought him back out in the 8th to get an ovation, and BOY did he get one. Deserved replica Corum 80040.015510 watch.And it SHOULD have been easy Trever Miller for face the leftys then Wheels to shut the door.But things don't always turn out the way you planned.Aurilia popped up, then Winn singled.

I can understand Mike Hampton always beating the suckulous Pirates, but how on earth does Bud Norris, who has seriously terrible control problems with every OTHER team, beat the Cards and I mean THRASH the best team in the NL?I have absolutely NO idea.I'm looking at video from Atlanta and video from today.Delivery looks the same, replica Bvlgari 101008 Men's watch arm angle looks the same, same percent of fastballs vs sliders just a LOT fewer of them are out of the strike zone.None of the 25 pitches/inning stuff.And it is not as if the Cards are an Astros style hack-tastic team with zero plate discipline.Bud faced 28 batters and went to a 3 ball count exactly twice.

He started in the FSL and was in AA by the end of the year.Not sure how he ended up with the Rangers the next year, but he was OK in AA, then promoted to A where he went 3 0 in 5 GS with a 1.48 ERA and was promoted to the ML where he went 2 3 in 7 GS with a 4.71 ERA.This year he started slowly, but has been doing better and better as the year has gone one, has 2 QS in 8 GS, is replica Rado R20486152 watch WHIP and a .274 BAA.at home, he's 1 2 in 4 GS with 1 HR, 6 BB and 16 K over 25 IPwith a 3.60 ERA, 1.20 WHIP and a .245 BAA.He has never faced Houston or anyone in our lineup.And unless Astacio strikes out every single batter he faces and someone on this team hits a HR, we ain't gonna win nothin except the El-Sucko Supreme award…

Carlos then hit a ball to deep center for a sac fly and Lance scored

Carlos then hit a ball to deep center for a sac fly and Lance scored.In the 7th inning, Roy struck out Barry Lamar Himself, who really had a lousy series 1 Astros with 5 walks, then got Frandsen to ground out to SS, then gave up a bloop hit to right Biggio replica Corum 02120.102604 watch called off Luke Scott, but then wasn't able to catch the ball.Feliz then hit a soft looper to center, where Pence let it drop in front of him for another single reminds me of Willy and that is NOT a compliment.

Why is Self rotting on the bench and Burke rotting in the minors?Look, I figger that there were some, what, 10,000 Brewer fans who stayed fans for the 4 years they stuck with this idiot and there were probably the same number of Tiger fans who replica Rado R22593712 Men's watch stayed thru Phils years of bumbling.So I'm gonna stick because it's not like it's the Supreme Court and we stuck with this clown for life.So sooner or later, the guys gonna get paroled and hopefully, THIS time we'll get somebody who knows his butt from a hole in the ground in there…

Tonight, for Game 2, it's Ezequiel Astacio, RHP vs Chris Young, RHP:(as usual, all stats from thebaseballcube, yahoo and espn)This year, Astacio is 0 2 in 3 GS and 1 in relief, with 4 HR, 4 BB and 17 K over 17 IP with a 6.88 ERA, 1.35 WHIP and a .279 BAA.Of course, he's never faced the Rangers before.Chris Young, yet replica Rado R13335732 Men's watch Native Texan (and Dallas Homeboy) was drafted in the 3rd round in 2000 out of Princeton by Pittsburgh don't guess they thought too much of him cuz he was in the Montreal organization after spending 2 years in the Sally League.

I KNEW I wasn't gonna hafta worry about getting playoff tickets

I KNEW I wasn't gonna hafta worry about getting playoff tickets.I didn't expect the rookies to all be the second coming of Albert Pujols Junior Griffey.But iffn the players don't revolt like they did when they pressured ownership into getting rid of Terry replica Rado R13600019 Men's watch Collins, we ARE gonna end up worse than the 62 Mets.Cuz after a while, the guys will just figger they a losing team and why bother to even try.And Cubs fans, idawanna hear it bout no Dusty Phil makes Dusty look like a genius.(Ain't it funny turns out all those years it was Barry Dusty look like a genius…)Phil really IS an idiot.

I don't guess that McLane will do anything until either the attendence really drops, ESPECIALLY during Roger's starts the park is usually packed for him, and remember, the attendence figures you see count all 20,000 season ticket holders, so the figures will never be below that, no matter how few actually bother to go.Will Roger, Andy, Biggio (remember, it was replica Rado R20486722 watch McLane who wanted him back this year maybe the owner will listen to his future HOFer) and Baggy have the stones to go to McLane and tell him that Phil has to go? Will Roger have the stones to go to McLane and say, Phil goes, or I publically ask to be traded back to the Yankees and you KNOW you won't get nothin but some worthless crap and BAD publicity in return?Roy and Brandon are great young pitchers they don't deserve to be made to look this bad.

can see why a great pitcher who gets no run support “loses.” Roy is 3-5 with a 4.09 ERA and a .304 BAA at Pac Bell and it ain't all Barry Lamar's doing, neither…Lincecum is 3-0 in 6 GS against the Astros with a 1.37 ERA, 0.74 WHIP, .147 BAA over 39 IP.And the lil SOB appears to be headed for his third replica Bvlgari ST29BSSD/N Ladie's watch straight Cy Young, too…Many years from now when Uncle trots into the Hall and someone askes him about who were the pitchers he hated most to face and his first reply is “Bud Norris” and the reporter gets this ??WHO?? look on his face, you can remember this year.

Please.Someone tell me.HOW is it possible that Phil Garner doesn't know what a switch

So do we send in Dan Wheeler, who has been our best reliever this year? Heck no.It's Franco.I just I JUST can NOT believe my eyes.Please.Someone tell me.HOW is it possible that Phil Garner doesn't know what a switch hitter is or replica Rado R22594102 Ladie's watch the switch hitters are? HOW is it possible that Phil is the ONLY person in the entire world who hasn't figured out that Franco can't get righties out? PLEASE can we fire this clown (and that idiot Mansolino) and hire Tony Pena?!Of course, the SOB loads the bases.What is bad is that poor Brandon's run scores.What is good is that THIS time, Franco's worthless ass ain't rescued and he gets charged with 2 ER.OK, I knew from the get-go that this team wasn't going anywhere but down.

Roy was SO nails that at the beginning of the 6th inning, Husband turned and looked at me and said Baby, you know he's throwing a mmgrrmsgrph translation of that last word means I clapped my hand over his fool mouth as quick as I could, but it was too late.With 2 quick outs, Randy Winn hit a drive up the middle that Adam made an amazing replica Corum 02120.012000 watch fullout diving stop on, but couldn't get up in time to throw out the speedy Winn at first actually, I'm not sure that he didn't trip as he lay there for a few extra seconds after catching that ball.Then Lewis hit a single up the middle and I though uh-oh.

But Roy got Klesko to hit a popup to shallow center and Luke Scott made an incredible diving Web Gem catch to end the inning.By then, we were leading 1-0.It WAS pretty funny how we scored that run Lance had drawn a walk to lead off the replica Corum 84040.111110 Lady watch inning.On the first pitch, he takes off for second and he woulda been out by 5-10 feet, but Bengie Molina threw the ball way into center and Lance, after diving for second, jumped to his feet and sprinted for third.


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